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                      Atsugi Catholic Church Committee
・In anticipation of those who will be coming late for the mass,
 please occupy the seats near the Altar or those in the middle of the church.
・The church is a place for praying. Please observe silence and
 refrain from talking during and after the mass.
・For the mobile phones (Keitai Denwa),
 please turn the power off or set it to Manner Mode to avoid ringing during the Mass.
・For personal belongings (bags and other items), please place them
 under the chairs/seats.

【Dress Code】
・Please let’s wear the appropriate dress/clothing for the mass.

【Parish Hall】
・After using the facilities, please check the following
   → Are the air-conditioner switches turned-Off?
   → Are the light switches turned-Off?
   → Are the toilet lights and exhaust fans switches turned-Off?
   → Are the window locks and kitchen doors closed?
   → Is the Gas main valve closed?
   → As a general rule, take home the garbage.

【Parking Area
・Starting June 25th, 2017, the No Parking rule has been implemented from 7:30 to 16:00 every Sunday.
 Other than the Sunday Mass, the No Parking rule is also implemented during Easter Sunday, Christmas and
 International/Foreign Masses. The No Parking times are different so please be careful.
 There will be announcements 3-4 weeks before those Masses.
 However, if there is a valid reason, permission for parking can be applied to the Church Office.
・When transporting passengers for the mass, vehicle flow should be from South side going
 North rule should be followed
 This is to prevent danger in crossing the road and collision between vehicles and cause traffic
・Please avoid smoking and talking aloud in the vicinity of the parking area within eyesight of
 the neighbors.